Young Living Lady Sclareol Essential Oil Blend 15ml - The Healing & Feel Sexy Perfume Oil - Chef and Divine

Young Living Lady Sclareol Essential Oil Blend 15ml - The Healing & Feel Sexy Perfume Oil

Young Living

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Lady Sclareol Essential Oil Blend is rich in phytoestrogens, designed to be worn as a fragrance. 

It enhances the feminine nature by improving mood and raising estrogen levels that dips during peri/menopause.
Lady Sclareol has also been reported to provide relief for PMS symptoms.
The ingredients of Lady Sclareol Essential Oil Blend are :
Coriander (coriandrum sativum) : revered as a home remedy for relieving feelings of nausea, aiding digestion, and supporting healthy immune functions
Geranium (pelargonium graveolens) : helps release negative memories, opening and elevating the mind. It is also a key ingredient used for centuries in skin care
Vetiver (vetiveria zizaniodes) : a psychologically grounding and stabilizing oil that helps coping with stress and insomnia
Orange (citrus sinensis) : calming effect while elevating to the mind and body
Clary Sage (salvia sclarea) : contains a natural phytoestrogen that balances hormones that are out of whack
Bergamot (citrus bergamia) : both uplifting and calming fragrance with the unique ability to relieve anxiety, stress and tension
Ylang Ylang (cananga odorata) : balances male and female energies and restores confidence and mental equilibrium
Sandalwood (santalum album) : scarce oil that is high in sesquiterpenes which stimulates the pineal gland and limbic region of the brain, which is the centre of our emotions.
Spanish Sage (salvia lavandulifolia) : high in limonen and prevents DNA damage
Jasmine (jasmum officinale) : stimulates the mind and improves concentration. Also used as a natural remedy to fight rigidity, depressionand nervous exhaustion
Idaho Tansy (tanacetum vulgare) : strengthens the kidneys, heart, joints, and digestive systems
Highlights of Lady Sclarerol Essential Oil includes :
  • An aphrodesiac "feel sexy" fragrance that is subtle and does not overpower
  • Enhances bedroom romance, intimacy and sexual energy
  • Healthy female hormone balance - influence low estrogen during menopause
  • Helps emotional issues associated to low libido, infertility, and frigidity
  • Helps sooth mild mood swings during peri-menopause and menopause
  • Alleviate edema and cramps related to mentrual cycle (PMS)

    All orders of Lady Sclarerol Essential Oil ships gift-wrapped and includes a usage guide and some DIY recipes.


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