FreshPack Pro Vacuum Food Sealer (with free vacuum bags)

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If you are into moist and succulent meat, you need to try sous vide cooking. Only 8 seconds to vacuum seal your bag to lock in the juicy goodness of the meat to get moist meat - whether its chicken, fishes or beef steak. 

The vacuum sealer comes with food grade bags for immediate use. 

Vacuum sealed food can preserve food for 2 to 3 times longer and retain freshness, taste, colour and nutrition longer.

Most suited for ingredients, cooked food, and even regular household items.


  • 3 layers of vacuum sealing keeping out air, micro-organism and humidity
  • Preventing food degradation to extend freshness and safety
  • Food grade vacuum sealing pack allows direct heating of sealed food
  • Lab tests revealed up to 9 types of germs may be reduced (up to 99.9%) through vacuum sealing food for storage

When you vacuum seal food, air, micro-organisms, germs, dust, pollutants are kept outside the food sealing packs, slowing food degradation and extending food freshness by at least 2 to 3 times.

Vacuum sealing prevents oxidation, thus food and household items sensitive to air and humidity can be preserved longer.

Promotional freebies

  • Free food grade vacuum sealer bags
  • Free local Singapore delivery
  • Local warranty
  • User and food preservation guide

Try these sous vide dishes using the Thermomix.


Sous Vide Salmon    Sous Vide Chicken


Sous Vide Chicken Rice    Sous Vide Chicken


Sous Vide Chicken & Rice    Sous Vide Steak










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