Chef & Divine Toast 8" Square Tin Spring Form removable base (Champage gold colour)

Chef And Divine

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The Chef & Divine Waved Non Stick Toast Bread Loaf Tin with Lid, is designed to facilitate air circulation for evenly baked goods and quick release from the tin.  With a lid, the bread comes out of the tin with a square top in a traditional square toast shape, perfect for sandwiches and your breakfast kaya and butter toasts. 

  • Carbon Steel for non-stick and excellent heat conductivity for even baking

  • Bakes bread or cake with convenient removable base for easier removal of cake or bread
  • Baker's Grade Ceramic Non-stick

  • Heavy Duty, Durable & long lasting quality

  • Withstands up to 260 degree celsius

  • Easy to release loaf from the tin

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Food grade without PTFE/PFOA

  • 8" or 20 x 20cm

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