Young Living Membership for Discounts

You may have heard about Young Living discounts and still not quite sure what it is all about. Even as a member, it took me quite a while to truly understand the membership program. I found myself explaining over and over again to different people and decided to write about the process so that I can just point to this page ...haha. 

There are 2 membership options - both of which allow members to get 24% discount off standard retail pricing. However, you need to be clear whether you want to make some money by joining the business or just want to consume the oils at lower prices. The former requires a sign up to the Essential Rewards Program (ER) with a monthly minimum 100 PV (Personal Volume) recurring purchase. The latter only requires a purchase of a starter kit and a total purchase of 50PV over 12 months.  

how to be a Young Living member for discounts

Therefore, to summarise, becoming a Young Living Independent Distributor for Business requires a sign up to the Essential Rewards (ER) program, which is a monthly auto-ship process. ER members earn rebates which can be offset against future purchase of products with PV values. 1-6 months (10% PV credited back); 7-12 months (15% PV credited back); 13 months onwards (20% PV).  Additional perks include 3 / 6 / 9 / 12-month membership gifts to collect. ER members also get their Starter Kit (type of kit depends on recurring PV) for free. 

To become a Young Living Independent Distributor as Consumer, one would only need to purchase one of the three Starter Kits to enjoy discounts as long as a total of 50PV order can be maintained every year.

How to choose Young Living member sign up starter kits

Personally, the Young Living Premium Starter kit is a great package as one can instantly start oiling with a set of oils that may be useful as natural remedies to support skin health, headaches, diet, emotional wellbeing, body aches, romance, relaxation, immunity, respiration issues etc. The oils may not always be the same ones as essential oils are seasonal. however, Young Living has worked around seasonal shortages by swopping with oils that may address similar issues.

How to sign up then ? Click on this link and quote 2355652 for Sponsor ID and Enroller ID. 

how to sign up as young living member for discounts sign up link chefanddivine