benefits of Essential Oils

There are thousands of essential oil benefits ! Here is a quick summary of the key benefits :-

  • Essential oils are easy to use. You can wear them like 'perfume', diffuse them, or used in massage, and to enhance meditation, yoga practices and general mental wellbeing. 
  • Essential oils are organic substances from the volatile liquid of plants. When therapeutic grade essential oils are used, the body can be naturally 'healed' back into equilibrium without harmful side effects or chemical based products.  Do not use perfume grade oils they contain harmful chemicals!
  • Essential oil effects can be immediate as they penetrate the skin and cell membranes very rapidly. Essential oils can diffuse throughout the blood and tissues in seconds! Oils cross the brain-blood barrier and reach the amygdala and other limbic parts of the brain that control our mood, emotions and beliefs. So they can support our abilities to manage stress, anger or any other emotions. 
  • Essential oil benefits include oxygenating anti-aging properties.  Healthy cells need oxygen to flourish.  Oxygen molecules in essential oils help transport more nutrients and oxygen to cells that are nutrient and/or oxygen deprived.
  • Essential oils are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants strengthen the body’s systems to prevent the damaging effects of aging, diet, and the environment; and eliminate free radicals. The Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) which tells you the antioxidant capacity of a food item is documented for many essential oils. For instance, Clove essential oil has an ORAC value of 1,078,700 µTE/100g; this is a million more than the value for carrots which is 210 µTE/100g!

  • Essential oils soothe muscles and joints. Minor aches and pains related to everyday activities especially in combination with massage. Yeah!

  • Essential oils benefits include animals. Dogs in particular respond very well to essential oils. 

  • Essential oil soothe digestion. Peppermint (Mentha piperita)is one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion, it may also restore digestive efficiency.

  • Essential oil benefits include d-limonene a powerful antioxidant Lemon essential oil consists of 68 percent dlimonene.

  • Essential oil can also be used as environmental friendly green household products as they are non-toxic and promote wellness.
  • Specific essential oil single or blends can be used as natural remedies for issues such as minimising hair loss, soothing irritated skin, relieve effects of ill health, headaches, indigestions, and support the immune system (eg. Thieves)
  • Essential oils can also help improve mental wellbeing as better mental focus, deeper meditations or even support the release of childhood or abusive memories that have been holding you back your whole life!
  • Essential oils can also provide different support benefits at the same time!

For instance, did you know that Lavender Essential Oil has antispasmodic and relaxation properties?

Yes it does. So, I can use this oil to unwind before bedtime, soothe occasional muscle cramps, and allow it to beautify my skin.

Lavender is also an adaptogen, and therefore can assist the body when adapting to stress or imbalances.

Last note: Because oils are made of hundreds of different constituents, and environmental conditions are constantly changing, no two batches of oils are exactly the same. That is why it is extremely difficult to synthetically make them or re-create them in a laboratory environment.

The quality of available oils varies greatly.  Always research before purchase. Chemically altered or adulterated oils on the market were often ineffective and even harmful.  Check the source of the essential oil ingredient, essential oils are often adulterated by producers to cut cost or/and to expand production capacity. Find out how the oil is distilled, whether there are any solvent added (one tell tale sign is stronger more pleasant smelling fragrance), whether there is any re-extraction or re-distill process as that produces very weak 'perfumed' oil with little or no therapeutic benefit. Check that the oil producer's plants are organically farmed without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and any other chemical react with the plants and are harmful to the body.
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