about Chef and Divine

Chef & Divine sells all things healthy, organic, wholesome, sustainably & responsibly farmed because we love to cook and we want to share the tried and tested healthy cooking ingredients and solutions we have sourced.  Like you, we started out only wanting to feed our loved ones the best.

For the divine part, like all women, we are proud to say we are vain pots and obsessed with offering products and solutions that will help us feel and look good - physically, mentally and emotionally.  Afterall, the saying goes - we need to love ourselves before we can love others - in the same way, if we do not feed ourselves nutritious food, it is unlikely we will provide nutritious and safe food to our loved ones. If we truly believes in eating real food, we need to start practicing that to cultivate the habit of eating well. 

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and making a meaningful difference to everyone we meet.

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