Quick Fix in the Thermomix by Alyce Alexandra


  • $4900
  • Save $2000

  • By the #1 Bestselling Thermomix author in the Australia & New Zealand
  • Most recipes allow you to cook in 30 minutes
  • Every dish comes with a full colour photo
  • Easy step-by-step cooking instructions - time, temperature, speed - using the clever Thermomix
  • 240 pages in full colour
  • 103 recipes
  • Hard cover
  • Anyone can cook as long as they can read instructions!
  • Suitable for Thermomix TM31 and TM5

Alyce Alexandra is the #1 selling Thermomix author. She believes that the formula for everyday cooking should be simple yet satisfying; the quicker, the easier, the better; using real food ingredients and always using at least one vegetable. Cooking should be enjoyable.

Alyce runs a cooking school in Melbourne that focuses on impacting quick-fix success in the kitchen using the Thermomix.

Quick Fix in the Thermomix is a celebration of delicious, wholesome meals prepared quickly and easily in your kitchen.
Our food philosophy centres around using fresh ingredients to produce nourishing meals everyone will enjoy - whether it be a quick mid-week meal for the family or an elaborate dinner party for friends.
This practical cookbook contains easy to follow formatting and symbols for simplicity in the kitchen. Informative tips on cooking, recipe variations and health can be found throughout.
Many of these recipes can be finished in less than thirty minutes, qualifying as a ‘quick fix.’ We have also included some recipes that require a little more time, because we believe they are worth it!
Each recipe is accompanied by a colour photograph intended to guide and inspire the reader. As no enhancements of any kind have been used in our photographs, all dishes are exactly re-creatable. No disappointments.
Now everyone can cook gourmet food at home, quickly and easily.

Alyce Alexandra is one of the pioneers using the Thermomix. She runs a cooking school in Melbourne.

Alyce Alexandra is an independent author of cookbooks for the Thermomix, designer of kitchenware and cooking accessories, creator of The TM Shop and owner of a state-of-the-art cooking school, located in South Melbourne. She has published several cook books and a best-selling author. She is passionate about food and her mission is to empower and inspire people to get cooking using whole ingredients to benefit health, environment, community, relationships and animal welfare. Her recipes are clear and unpretentious so everyone can create healthy and delicious meals easily at home.



Jess Stewart on Mar 21, 2016

I always try to budget for at least one new Alyce Alexandra product per fortnight! From cooking books to kitchen helpers, AA is the thermo business! My favourite products so far would have to be the 'Quick Fix in the Thermomix' cookbooks.. they are so visually appeasing and the receipes are to die for! So many diverse recipes and amazing culinary options to suit any cuisine, budget, style, time restraints etc of cooking! A must have for all Thermomix owners who are passionate about creating delicious food :)



Bella Mundez on Dec 03, 2015

A gorgeous book, my favourite out of every Thermomix book out there!


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