Cooking with Tenina More Great Recipes for the Thermomix by Tenina Holder


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Cooking with Tenina; More delicious recipes by Tenina Holder for your Thermomix!

Once again, Tenina creates a fun, light-hearted and welcoming cooking atmosphere, with a remarkable yet achievable menu. Her culinary creativity mixes with her humble and organic style to produce great new meal ideas with both new and familiar approaches.

Each section of Cooking with Tenina builds to the next—starting with simple soups and family-favourites and progressing through to dinner party masterpieces. The recipes inside are sure to make everyone’s mouth water, and the progressive structure encourages both beginner-cooks and kitchen experts to have a go at making Tenina’s scrumptious creations.

Cooking with Tenina, not only includes the recipes for an abundance of delectable dishes, but it also provides instructions for using the Thermomix to make pantry essentials and ingredients themselves—helping to save time and money. Her years of experience with the Thermomix make such tips and pearls of wisdom invaluable.

Tenina’s work is already widely popular amongst the Australian Thermomix community and this newest collection of recipes for the Thermomix is sure to excite her fans. She injects her own, well-loved personality and humor into the cookbook with quirky comments, funny anecdotes, and helpful tips.

Cooks love Tenina’s work!

Jane Liddicoat: ‘Lots of cookbooks for the Thermomix have taken away some of the joy that comes with cooking. Not Tenina! Her recipes are still packed full of avour and amazing textures.’

Kirsty Spiegl: ‘Entertaining, on the run, every day meals. Tenina is my go to girl.’

Magret Mitchell: ‘I am inspired every time I open one of Tenina’s books. They are super easy to follow and I can make yummy food just like a pro.’

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