Chef & Divine Stainless Steel Homemade Noodle & Pasta Maker Press

Chef And Divine

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If there is flour in your kitchen, you can make pasta or noodles.

Add eggs, you can make a batch of silky-smooth fettuccine or chinese style egg noodles.

Sneak some colourful vegetables into the dough for additional nutrients.

Homemade pasta or noodles is healthier as there will be no preservatives, colouring, or additives. 

Why make your own noodles pasta is healthier

If you are a Thermomix owner, it just takes 2 minutes to knead your pasta or noodle dough from scratch using the Thermomix.

Usage guide and noodle/pasta recipes included.

  • Stainless steel
  • Easy to dismantle to change the mold and for washing
  • Saves money
  • Environmentally friendly, you generate your own energy to press the noodles/pasta
  • Make your own nutritous and preservative free noodles or pasta
  • Fresh noodles/pasta taste better and absorb the sauce better than dried
  • Experiment with different ingredients such as carrot, spinach, pumpkin etc
  • 5 sets of molds included for pasta/noodles of different thickness

ChefandDivine noodle press

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