Chef & Divine Kitchen Infrared Thermometer (contactless/no contact Thermometer)

Chef and Divine

  • $4900
  • Save $5000

An infrared thermometer is a tool that is incredibly useful in our kitchen. Unlike a traditional thermometer, an infrared one does not need to physically touch the surface of what it’s measuring and take the guesswork out of the cooking process. Simply point the thermometer at the surface of the food and pull the trigger to read the temperature. This is why these thermometers are sometimes called noncontact thermometers. Simply point and press the trigger to measure any surface!

  • Temperature range : -50 ~ 380 degree celcius
  • Accuracy range : 2 degree
  • Distance : 12:1
  • Switch between celsius and fahrenheit
  • Use 2 X AAA batteries
  • Point and press the trigger to measure any surface

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