Quick Fix For Every Occasion by Alyce Alexandra


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  • By the #1 Bestselling Thermomix author in the Australia & New Zealand
  • Impress with delicious, wholesome meals 
  • Easy to follow recipes, without complexity
  • Beautiful colour photos
  • Tips on ingredients, preparation, storage, health benefits and wine pairing
  • Recipes are categorised for easy reference : breakfast, snacks, meat, poultry, sauces, seafood, drinks, desserts etc as well as 'sure to impress', 'made in advance', 'for romance', for 'gifting', for 'potluck', 'can be frozen', for 'lunch boxes', cure hangover etc
  • Guide for the host on planning the menu
  • 305 pages in colour
  • Hard cover coffee table recipe book

Alyce Alexandra is the #1 selling Thermomix author. She believes that the formula for everyday cooking should be simple yet satisfying; the quicker, the easier, the better; using real food ingredients and always using at least one vegetable. Cooking should be enjoyable.

Alyce runs a cooking school in Melbourne that focuses on impacting quick-fix success in the kitchen using the Thermomix.

Quick Fix : Every Occasion, is the sequel to the bestseller, Quick Fix in the Thermomix, makes cooking delicious meals for every occasion a 'piece of cake'. Each recipe on its own can be a humble meal, sweet  treat or snack. Yet teamed with complimentary recipes you have a delightful culinary experience - the whole is most certainly greater than the sum of its parts! Accessible to everyone, the recipes have been carefully crafted for impressive entertaining without complexity.
Alyce Alexandra is an independent author of cookbooks for the Thermomix, designer of kitchenware and cooking accessories, creator of The TM Shop and owner of a state-of-the-art cooking school, located in South Melbourne. She has published several cook books and a best-selling author. She is passionate about food and her mission is to empower and inspire people to get cooking using whole ingredients to benefit health, environment, community, relationships and animal welfare. Her recipes are clear and unpretentious so everyone can create healthy and delicious meals easily at home.
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