Thermomix Tau Suan (Chinese style split bean sweet dessert)

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Last weekend, we did a vote and decided to cook tau suan at home for sunday's after dinner dessert. The minute the decision was made, I quickly rummage through the pantry to find the pack of split beans and had them soaked to soften them. These beans need to soaked at least 2-4 hours depending on soft you like them to be. For true food-court style tau suan, they need to be soaked at least 4 hours as food court ones tend to be softer and starchier since they are pre-cooked in a large pot to be served the entire day.  Depending on portions, this can serve up to 6 person.

Split beans for cooking tau suanHomemade Tau Suan (Chinese style sweet split bean dessert)


  • 150g split green (mung) bean
  • 3 pandan leaves, washed and tied to a knot
  • 50-60g rock sugar (up to 80g if you prefer it real sweet)
  • 500-700 ml water (depending on your preference for more watery or starchy tau suan)
  • 1 You tiao (fried dough fritters) cut thinly and air-fried 160 degree 15min while cooking tau suan (I have tried frozen fritters and fresh bought ones from kopi tiam/food court - will share recipe when I try to make some from scratch)
  • 40g sweet potato flour mixed with 125ml (1/2 cup) water

Directions <Thermomix directions>

1. Rinse and soak the split beans in water for a few hours
2. In a pot (or thermomix), add water, pandan leaves and sugar 
3. Steam the beans for about 30-40 minutes, or until they are soft <stack Varoma trays with split beans, varoma, 30-40 min, speed 3.5>
4. If using the thermie, ensure that the water is at least 900 - 1 litre so that there will be sufficient steam generated from varoma temperature to steam the beans
5. Boil the remaining water in the Thermomix mixing bowl left after steaming the mung beans.
6. Reduce the heat, check water level before adding the beans and rest of the ingredients. (The resulting water should be no more than 700-800ml, since we added more water into the mixing bowl to boil and steam at the same time)
7. Add the sugar and pandan leaves and cook for a few minutes <3 minutes, 100 degree, speed 2>
8. Stir in the starch to thicken the mixture slowly until the mixture has visibly thickened
9. Stop adding the mixture, once the thickness is what you desire. I usually stop around 3/4 of the mixture
10. Add in the mung beans <1 minute, reverse, speed 1>
11. Ladle into serving bowls and top with you tiao.
12. Serve hot.

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