Thermomix Sous Vide Chicken (Soup Restaurant copycat) and Chicken Rice with chawamushi. ginger and chilli sauces

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Recently I have been quite obsessed with cooking meat sous vide style. After salmon, I tried chicken breast which notoriously is hard to get tender texture after cooking. Google tells me the best temperature is 60 degree and I would need to cook at least 2 hours. So, using more or less the same method for Salmon, I brine my chicken breast fillets overnight before I seal them in vacuum packs for sous vide cooking. That was literally it. No other special seasoning for those chicken breast fillet - just meat into the bags. 2 hours later, I had them removed and stored in the fridge without removing from the vacuum packs till dinner that night - and I left for work.

My preparation for dinner was simple. I saute the ginger, garlic and shallots in sesame oil then add into the rice. I used the chicken fluid from the vacuum packs and the soup from my white fungus chicken soup as the liquid to cook the rice in the rice cooker (as much as I would love to cook everything in my Thermomix, I had to use it for my sauces, so the rice was cooked in the rice cooker. 

To get the Soup Restaurant style samsui chicken, I served my chicken breast fillet sliced thinly, cold a top sliced cucumbers and lettuce. The samsui chicken copycat sauce was made with a medley of ginger, garlic in sesame oil.

Chefanddivine Thermomix Sous Vide Chicken RiceChefanddivine Thermomix Sous Vide Chicken Rice, white fungus chicken soup, chawamushi and sauceschefanddivine thermomix sous vide chicken rice, chawamushi, homemade sauces chefanddivine thermomix sous vide chicken rice, white fungus chicken soup, chawamushi and homemade sauces


  • Chicken Rice
    • 3 pieces of chicken breast fillets (each around 250g) - brine overnight in fridge in a solution of 1 TBSP sea salt and water (make sure the meat pieces are submerged in the brine)
    • 50g young ginger
    • 20g garlic
    • 30g shallots
    • 20g butter
    • 20g sesame oil
    • 1 tsp chicken stock powder or 2 tsp if your stock powder is not salty
    • 3 pandan leaves tied into a knot
    • Mixed Rice (white, red, brown grains for healthy vitamin B and fibre) (cooked about 3 cups for my family using the rice cooker)
    • 2 pieces of chicken carcass/bones
  • Chawamushi (steamed eggs)
    • 2 eggs and 1 cup water + fish sauce (for chawamushi)
  • White Fungus chicken Soup
    • 1 piece of Chicken carcass
    • 1 bulb of white fungus
    • 3 red dates 
    • Sea salt and pepper for taste
  • Chicken meat sauce drizzle
    • 1 TBSP fish sauce + 1 TBSP sesame oil
    • Add 1 tsp of liquid chicken fat (optional)
  • Chilli Sauce
    • 2 packets of chilli padi
    • 1/2 TBSP salt
    • 1 riped tomato
    • 25g vinegar (or kombucha) or lime juice
  • Ginger Sauce
    • 50g young ginger
    • 20g shallots
    • 20g garlic
    • 1 stalk white ends of spring onion
    • ~50g sesame oil
    • ~15g hot chicken soup
    • 1 tsp chicken stock powder
    • 15g Duck or chicken fat (optional)
    • Sugar, salt to taste


  • Chicken
    • Sous vide the chicken in vacuum packs (I used 2 packs with 1.5 pieces of chicken breast fillet each).
    • Place into the Thermomix simmering basket, fill water (not exceeding max limit) but ensure the chicken packs are submerge in the water
    • Cooked 2 hours, speed 3, 60 degree
    • Once done, remove and store in fridge when cooked without removing from the packs
    • Slice the sous vide chicken breasts thinly, the meat should be very firm yet white and smooth in texture
    • Plate the chicken slices a top sliced cucumbers and lettuce
    • Drizzle sesame oil and fish sauce mixture over the chicken slices 
  • Chicken Rice
    • Chop the garlic, ginger and shallots
    • Saute till fragrant in sesame oil
    • Pour the saute mixture onto the rice, add chicken soup (and fluid from the chicken packs), stock powder, pandan leaves, butter, and place chicken carcass on top of the rice and press cook
  • White Fungus Chicken Soup
    • Add all the ingredients into the mixing bowl 
    • Fill water until the max mark
    • Cook varoma, 20min, speed reverse stir
  • Steam eggs
    • Add eggs and water + seasoning and strain through a sieve into ramekins
    • Place the ramekins into the varoma basket and steam the chawamushi (steamed egg) mixture for 11min, speed 3.5, varoma
    • Stack the varoma tray on top of the lid and steam while cooking the soup
  • Chilli Sauce
    • Chop the ingredients and cook 15min 100 degree
    • Add seasonings
    • Cook few minutes using varoma with simmering basket over the lid hole to dry up the overall texture
  • Ginger Sauce 
    • Chop the ginger, garlic, shallots, spring onion (speed 8, 10sec)
    • Add oil sauté at 120degree 4min speed 1
    • Add duck fat or chicken fat if you have
    • Add soup + stock powder
    • Add seasoning
    • Makes about 1 jar

Serve all the dishes once the rice is done.







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