Thermomix Sous Vide Chicken Breast

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After my recent salmon sous vide cooking adventure using my Thermomix, which received huge success from the family, I tried sous vide on the unpopular meat at home - chicken breast. Normally, I use chicken breast meat for nuggets as the blending with other ingredients do make it quite tasty.

After reading a post from a friend who tried sous vide on chicken breast and raved about the texture on Facebook, I knew I had to try. I brine the chicken overnight in a salt solution, then I cooked it without any seasoning nor fat in a vacuum sealed bag for 2 hours at 60 degree (note you will have to reset the time as Thermomix cooks for a maximum of 99 minutes).

Wow. The texture is so smooth for the piece of white meat. I sliced it thinly and drizzled with sesame oil and fish sauce (this is the usual chicken rice seasoning). The texture was unbelievably smooth and tender. This will be the only way I cook my chicken breast from now onwards - even for chicken rice, steaming and cold dunking in ice water cannot beat the taste of sous vide chicken breast.

Totally unbelievable, everyone who owns a Thermomix must try.

Chefanddivine Thermomix sous vide chicken breast

Chefanddivine thermomix sous vide chicken breast cut in slices oriental style sous vide chicken


Note: per person portion is about 250g, 2 kids can share one portion

  • 250g Chicken Breast (debone, skin removed)
  • Water
  • Sea salt
  • Sesame oil
  • Fish sauce


  1. Brine the meat in the salt water solution overnight in the fridge
  2. Just make sure that the meat is submerged in the water with about 1 TBSP salt
  3. Following day, remove the meat, put it in a food savers bag and vacuum seal it
  4. Place the bagged meat (2 pieces can fit the simmering basket) into the simmering basket in the mixing bowl
  5. Pour in water till it covers the entire bagged meat
  6. Put on the lid and measuring cup, set the controls to 99min / 60 degree / speed 3.5
  7. Add another 20 minutes / 60 degree / speed 3.5 when the cooking ends as we need to cook 2 hours at 60 degree
  8. To serve up a western style dish, pan seared briefly to brown the chicken breast, and plate with some carbs or greens
  9. For oriental style chicken (白斩鸡) synonymous with Singapore's Hainanese Chicken Rice, slice the chicken breast thinly, plate atop thinly sliced cucumbers, drizzle sesame oil and fish sauce over the chicken slices, garnish with coriander to serve







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