$3 per day to own a brand new Thermomix in Singapore

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Good news! If you have been considering Thermomix for a while, but have been holding back due to the price, think no further.  Thermomix is now made more affordable with instalment options. Choose either to pay in full to get a travel bag for free, or to pay by instalments. 

Imagine at $3.20 per day, you are empowered to create healthier meals for yourself and your loved ones. Do not worry that your Thermomix will not be put into good use. We can help you avoid buying another white elephant. Thermomix has a number of activities to ensure that new owners will make full use of their Thermomix. Classes are generally free to attend and enthusiasts can also sign up the new advisor program to cover back the initial investment in the Thermomix.

With 12-functions in one appliance, thousands of recipes with step-by-step guidance, we simply do not see how you will not use the Thermomix to its fullest. In fact, we are more worried about your other appliances in your kitchen, they may lose favour and go obsolete soon 😜

Think about your food never burning or overcooked, vegetables always turning out green and crunchy, cooking without the need to constantly stir, making mythical complex dishes that only ah mah (nana) knew how to make, or replicating fancy restaurant dishes requiring clarified butter or sou vide cooking...all made possible with the Thermomix. Really, I cannot rave enough about how it has changed our lives. There are more payment options available now and it is still a 2-year warranty for consumer use.

Make your life changing decision today to include the Thermomix in your kitchen.  Visit the official Thermomix office to see it in action or call to book a demo.

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Contact Thermomix Singapore to find out more. 



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