Thermomix Ikan Billis or Anchovies stock powder

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Many mums will remember the time when our little ones start solids and we have to plan blended congee powder flavoured with ikan billis powder for protein and calcium for the LOs. But often times, for convenience or ignorance, many of us may not have the luxury of making these au natural at home. I remembered going through phases of purchasing stock powder and brown rice powder to make congee for #1 when he was little. I felt guilty feeding him "store bought" food but did not know how else to make them. By the time #2 arrived, mum had passed away from cancer and I became more conscious about avoiding chemicals and preservatives in our daily intake of food. With a powerful blender like Thermomix, it is possible to grind to fine powder soaked, washed and dried ikan billis to fine powder and make rice powder (flour) from scratch. 

The electro-magnetic force in Thermomix enables the blades to move in both directions in equal speed. The fast speed allows the blade to cut food particles (even spices) into fine powder. The standard Thermomix demo will actually show how rock sugar cubes can be pulverised into icing sugar. 

Although my kids have out-grown toddler congee, the ikan billis powder is still very useful for me in daily cooking. For late nights when my kids ask for soupy macaroni, just a spoon does wonders to the soup. My stock powders are life-saving staples as instant noodles are never allowed at home.

Here's an entire pack of ikan billis pulverised into fine powder. A few spoons of sea salt is enough to preserve these for a couple of months until I make another batch. 


  • 1 pack of dried ikan billis (anchovies)
  • Sea Salt


  1. Soak and wash the ikan billis
  2. Pat dry and place flat on a tray in the oven or air fryer
  3. Toast until dry
  4. Pour into a blender (or Thermomix)
  5. Blend 1 min/speed 1-10
  6. Add sea salt (I add about 2 TBSP for each pack of 250g ikan billis)
  7. Pulverise further with turbo at 2 sec intervals until you get the fineness and desired texture
  8.  Store in a clean and dry container
  9. Use a clean spoon every time to scoop out the powder to avoid contamination
  10. Keeps well for couple of months in the fridge

 Thermomix powdered ikan billis

Thermomix powdered ikan billis 2 Chefanddivine

Thermomix powder ikan billis for baby congee

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  • Of course you may adapt. Adding salt and sugar are really for taste. For little kids, you can omit. You can also add seaweed, bonito and kombu as natural flavouring

    DivineChef on
  • Hello, can we do this without the sea salt or any salt?

    Jewel on

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