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Making preservative free steaming hot buns (aka Man Tou or Man Tao)

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 (无添加防腐剂的馒头和包) The basic bao (a.k.a buns, mantou, mantao) recipe is one that is very versatile. It can be made plain, flavoured, shaped, with fillings, savoury or sweet, and can be easily made within the hour. Steaming hot buns are very satisfying and is always popular at home. With 250g of flour, I can make several different types of buns depending on requests at home. Grandpa and Kayla like their buns plain, Sherine likes her buns flavoured, Gor Gor and the man like theirs savory. The plain buns are also great to eat with savoury soups and curries.   In the...

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