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Thermomix Recipe for Easy Salted Gula Melaka Caramel Kaya

Posted by Divine Chef on

This is our favourite type of kaya these days as the kids prefer the trendy salted caramel taste over traditional green pandan kaya.      Ingredients 90g Gula Melaka 3 egg yolks (65g size eggs) 1 whole egg 200 g Coconut milk  A bunch of fresh pandan leaves tied in a knot Himalayan pink salt Directions Mill the gula melaka turbo 2sec twice (make sure they are not in too large pieces) melt the gula melaka <10min / 100deg / sp 2> Add egg yolks and egg <Mix 30sec / speed 3 or until the sugar has dissolved Stir with the spatula at the base of the bowl to check...

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