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Glamourising the humble fried rice with Verace Truffle products

Posted by Divine Chef on

Do you know that it is very easy to glamourise simple humble dishes ? I do that a lot. Using Verace truffle products, last night's leftover rice can transform from a simple fried rice to a more 'atas' (lingo for 'posh'/'up-market') Truffles Fried Rice.  This is how you can replicate in less than 15 minutes as long as you have leftover rice. Ingredients 1 cup mushroom chopped 11/2 cup cooked rice (preferably from last night) Cooking oil Sesame oil 1 egg Chopped garlic and shallot Spring onion Verace Black Truffle Oil 1/2 tsp Verace Black Minced Truffle Verace Black Truffle Carpaccio (optional)...

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