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Easy Fried Mee Siam / Dry Style Mee Siam

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I shared last year a gravy recipe for cooking mee siam from scratch. This time I tried a drier version of mee siam, essentially small differences to the rempah and ingredients but wok fried instead of having gravy.  The kids actually preferred this dry version 😋 😋 Ingredients (serves 6) For the mee siam spice mixture (using Thermomix) 4 red chilies 2 chilli paddies 4 dried chillies 5 shallots 7 garlic 2 tablespoons taucheo (fermented yellow bean sauce) For the garnish 3 eggs beaten and seasoned with a squirt of fish sauce Spring onion cut to about 2cm length stripes Limes cut in halves Red chilli (optional) Other...

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