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Easy Pulut Hitam (aka Black Glutinous or Black Sticky Rice Dessert) Recipe

Posted by Divine Chef on

This is a Peranakan's favourite and surprisingly easy,fast and mess-free to make using the Thermomix.  A sweet after dinner treat. Any kid who can read instructions and metric numbers can make themselves useful and help to make this dish. This pulut hitam was cooked by our "gor gor" (means big brother). All he did was followed the instructions.  Ingredients (serves 5) 200g black glutinous rice Rock sugar (60g is sweet enough for us, but average 80-100g if you prefer it sweeter) Boiling water 5 cups Pandan leaves Coconut milk (1/2 cup with about 1/4 tsp salt mixed) Directions <Thermomix Directions> Rinse the rice...

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