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Sambal Chilli (Sambal Tomat)

Posted by Divine Chef on

This is not the nasi lemak sambal chilli. Because the man-at-home prefers this chilli, I make this time to time. It goes really well with today's Hokkien Mee.  Otherwise, it is very nice with any stir fry dishes and especially with seafood stir fries like spicy prawns, spicy sotong... Ingredients 10 long chillies 10 small chilli paddies 6 shallots  10 garlics 5 red tomatoes 1 tsp Balacan 1 TBSP Tamarind 8 candle nuts sea salt to taste  100ml cooking oil green lime juice (optional) Directions <Thermomix directions> Heat up the oil All all the ingredients into the the thermomix to fry <30...

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