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How to get restaurant style crispy pork belly a.k.a sio bak a.k.a roast pork

Posted by Divine Chef on

I'm excited. It is possible and finally I did it. For years, I have been dissatisfied with my sio bak being not quite the crispy crunch nor the juicy meat I wanted. Finally. Thanks to my friend Ricky, it is possible to do this at home. Here's how. Ingredients Large pork belly slab (1kg is good) Boiling water Himalayan salt 1-2 TBSP EVOO 1-2 TBSP Vinegar White wine (I use a small 187ml bottle of chardonnay) Directions Scald to rinse clean the pork with the boiling water Dry the meat Rub the skin with salt, oil and vinegar - make...

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