Sweet Vinegar Ribs in 30 minutes using the Thermomix

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This is called 糖醋排骨 in Chinese and is a seemingly difficult dish that is surprisingly easy and fast to cook using the Thermomix. My dish was done in all but 30 minutes! I took my ribs out to defrost overnight and marinated them in the same sauce I will cook them in before I leave the house in the morning. This recipe is the healthier version as there is no need to deep fry the ribs before cooking. Of course, its optional but I find the taste good enough.

The sauce particularly is so good with rice that I broke my no rice rule for dinner! The entire dish was devoured very quickly by the kids. 

I realised as I was uploading my photos that the dish does not look particularly appetising on photo since everything is dark brown. Or it must be my photo-taking skills, Anyhow, the taste is good and it is a one pot main that goes superbly well with hot steaming rice. Getting a main done in 30 minutes works for me as I can literally get this cooking once I reach home straight from the fridge to the Thermomix and let it cook while I shower. These are times when I really appreciate technology and how clever appliances like the Thermomix can make life easier and healthier (hey the ribs did not need to be fried).


Sweet Vinegar Ribs by Thermomix chefanddivine     Sweet Vinegar Ribs by Thermomix chefanddivine

Update 13 Oct 2016

A better picture from today's cooking session.

Sweet Vinegar Ribs by Thermomix TM5 chefanddivine Thermomix cooking class


  • Oil 20g
  • Ginger slices 10g
  • Garlic 2 cloves chopped
  • Ribs 500g
  • Rock Sugar 50g
  • Cooking wine (Shaoxing) 30g
  • Vinegar 40-50g 
  • Soy sauce 1TBSP
  • Dark soy sauce 1TBSP

Directions <Thermomix directions>

  • Pre-marinate the ribs with all the ingredients except vinegar, oil, garlic and ginger
  • Chop the garlic in the Thermomix <5sec, speed 5>
  • Saute the ginger and garlic in the oil <3min, 120 degree speed 1>
  • Add the pre-marinated ingredients
  • Cook <Varoma Reversed stir speed 25-30min>
  • Serve hot with rice






  • 20g 油
  • 10g 姜 切片
  • 500g 排骨
  • 50g 冰糖
  • 30g 酒 (绍兴)
  • 50g 黑醋
  • 15g 生抽
  • 15g 老抽

暗 : 也可以用鸡腿肉取代 



  1. 把姜和油放入主锅, 爆香 (MC, 3分钟, 120度, 速度1)
  2. 将排骨, 糖, 酒, 醋, 生抽, 老抽, 都放入主锅煮 (MC, 25分钟, varoma, 逆转, 汤匙温和搅拌)





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  • I cooked this dish for dinner and it is a winner. Love the taste of sweetness and succulent pork ribs and there is no strong taste of vinegar.

    Florence on

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