Sous Vide Salmon (Thermomix sous vide Salmon)

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I tried this recently in preparation of a class that will teach seafood cooking using the Thermomix. After tasting sous vide salmon, I will confidently declare this will be the only way I will cook and eat salmon from now onwards as cooking fish has always been a hit or miss for me. Either they become over-cooked and dry, or char outside but undercooked in the middle. As I hate the pan fried fishy smell after frying fish, I have almost been either baking or mostly steaming fish. My kids are notoriously fussy when it comes to fish. There are the few repetitive fish dishes approved by the kids. Sous Vide salmon, gets thumbs up from the picky kids. Yeah!

I followed the guide from Serious Eats and used my Thermomix to do the sous vide cooking. Vacuum sealing locks in the juices and flavours and gives me the added convenience of brining and flavouring (butter and thyme) without losing these flavours (and obviously no mess too). 

Serious Eats Sous Vide Salmon guide

Thermomix sous vide salmon 2

Thermomix sous vide salmon1

Thermomix sous vide salmon served chefanddivine thermomix recipes

Chefanddivine Thermomix Sous Vide Salmon with varoma steamed vegetables and roux sauce


  • Salmon fillet (about 200g)
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Cube of butter about 10g
  • Sprig of thyme


  1. Cut the fillet into 2 pieces if it is too large for your vessel
  2. Brine the salmon with the salt lightly all over the fillet
  3. Place the salmon fillet gently into a food grade plastic 
  4. Add the cube of butter and thyme
  5. Seal the bag
  6. Preheat your vessel to 50 degree (I set my thermomix temperature to 50 degree) You may refer to the guide and choose your temperature and time based on the texture preferred and the thickness of your salmon
  7. Place the bag into the vessel or Thermomix simmering basket
  8. Set the time to between 20, 30 or 40 minutes at speed 3# (Pls refer to tips below)
  9. Go get busy with other chores and come back to the fish when it is done
  10. Remove the bag from the vessel/thermomix simmering basket
  11. Cut the bag and plate the salmon
  12. Serve immediately while it is hot


Depending on the thickness of your salmon, and whether you stack 2 pieces to cook in the bag, you will need to adjust your time. If you prefer sashimi style texture or if your slice is thin and your fillet is under 200g, you will need to shorten the time to 20min or less, if you prefer a firmer, flakey and moist texture, 30min should suffice. If you stack 2 pieces like me, you will need 40 minutes. Please experiment as what works for me, may not for you since we all have individual tastes preferences. 

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