Sous Vide Beef Steak using the Thermomix

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I was inspired with Thermomix Singapore's recent Fine Dining Cooking MasterClass. It is possibly to slow cook beef for very juicy beef steak! It is much easier than expected, as all that is needed is to seal the beef and dump them into the Thermomix for it to cook slowly. As I was running late to deliver dinner onto the table, I did not pre-marinate the steaks.

When they were done, I pan seared both sides (do not press) to get them more charred. Thumbs up from the entire family. Why eat out and pay loads when it is so easy to cook steaks at home! Yay.

Thermomix Sous vide beef steak

Tip: Do not press when pan frying so you do not squeeze the meat juices out! If you press the meat, you will end up with dry and tough steak! 

Tip 2: For health reasons, I prefer to buy free-range grass fed beef. Some people may find that slightly gamey and go for grain-fed beef instead. 

Tip3: For optimum taste and chew, (if you are feeling rich), get the very marbled wagyu which always results in melt-in-the-mouth texture as long as you cook it properly

This is how I did it.


  • Choice steak cuts (1" thickness) about 250g each slab
  • Butter for pan frying

Directions (Thermomix)

  1. Wash the meat
  2. Pack and seal each piece of 200-250g/ piece into a vacuum bag
  3. Dunk into your simmering basket (you can squeeze in about 3 packs)
  4. Make sure the water covers the meat packs
  5. Cook 45min at 45 degree at speed 3.5 (medium rare)
  6. For medium done, cook at 50min at 50 degree, speed 3.5
  7. Pan sear on a frying pan with some melted butter
  8. Season with salt & pepper for "au natural" taste
  9. If you need a sauce, you may use these sauces or the bearnaise sauce from the Basic Cook Book chip in the Thermomix









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