Bake your own Soft Bread (who needs to buy?)

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I've always like to bake breakfast bread with this short cut method (originally by Victoria Bakes) as I find traditional bread recipes that requires double proofing takes too long to feed my brood of ever hungry kids. Thus, this soft bread recipe works with some variation to get the softness the kids like that lasts a few days... well, to be honest, bread doesn't ever last more than 24h in this household .... 

  • 260g flour (mix 200g strong bread flour + 60g all purpose flour)
  • 5g milk powder
  • 1 egg + the rest are cold milk + cold 35% fat cream 20g to make up to 182g
  • 4g yeast
  • 30g fine raw sugar
  • 6g salt
  • 30g French salted butter (I love salted, it just gives more taste)

Thermomix directions
  • Turbo the flour + milk powder 2sec
  • Add other dry ingredients like sugar and yeast and mix 20sec/speed 2
  • Add egg + milk + cream (all straight from the fridge) knead 4min
  • Watch your Thermomix especially if your counter top is not solid stone type as the legs will be less grippy and the machine may move a little
  • Add salt knead another 2min
  • Add cold butter in small cubes knead for another 1-2min depending on whether the gluten comes together
  • When the dough looks stretchy, remove from the mixing bowl and shape into one big ball and let it rest for about 15min
  • During this time, I will spin both directions to get any remaining dough out of the bowl and blade especially, scrap out and add onto the bottom of my resting dough ball
  • Roll out the rested dough with a rolling pin in a one flatten dough
  • Roll the ends up into a bolster roll and place it into a bread loaf tin
  • When the dough has risen to almost the top of the tin
  • Get the oven pre-heated up to 180c
  • Place it into the oven when your oven thermometer reads 180c (I actually use a separate thermometer as I find it more accurate this way to know when the inside of the oven actually hits the temperature required)
  • Spray the dough inside the tin with fine mist of water
  • Place it into the oven (use second bottom rack)
  • Spray some more water into the oven, place a small cup of water
  • Let it bake for about 35min (watch your bread because some ovens may be faster or slower), if it's browning too quickly, rotate and reduce the heat
  • Fan force ovens can reduce 20c, top only ones, place the bread tin lower 

Smaller bun variations

  1. Make into 10 small buns for breakfast rolls
  2. Make shio pans
  3. Make coffee buns (roti boy buns)
  4. Make sausage buns

Other loaf variations 

All loaf bread fits our loaf tins perfectly - with or without the lid. Personally, I prefer to bake without the lid as I love watching the bread rise.

  1. Macha toast
  2. Volcano toast  

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