Singapore chicken rice using Thermomix sous vide method

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Thermomix Chicken rice sous vide method  thermomix chicken sous vide cooking

Thermomix singapore chicken rice how to cook recipe

I’ve tried so many ways to cook our heritage Singaporean dish, the chicken rice. But the process of getting tender chicken is either very messy (steaming or boiling over the stove then dunking into ice water etc) or too tedious with specific temperature and timing for tender meat - just literally minutes of overcooking will result in leathery tough meat.

I love sous vide cooking. It cleverly addresses meat dishes that need to be tender and succulent yet allows almost no requirement to monitor the cooking process. In my humble opinion, this is the easiest way to cook my chicken for chicken rice - sous vide cooking method results in meat that is juicy and tender with almost no effort -> lazy chicken rice

TM6 : 2h20m at 62c sous vide mode

TM5 : 2h20m (extend after 99min) at 60c submerged completely in simmering basket speed 3.5


  • 1 piece of boneless chicken thigh (approx 300g+ if you use Kee Siong)
  • 2-3 pieces of boneless chicken thigh (if you use the new Blade Cover)


  1. Place the chicken flat into a freezer safe ziplop or a reusable Stasher sous vide bag (I use medium size ones)
  2. Press out the air inside the bag using the submersion method (you want all air to be out so the bag is not floating which may affect cooking) or vacuum seal if you have a vacuum sealer at home
  3. Place flatten bags into the bowl (or simmering basket)
  4. Press sous vide mode, set 2h20m at 62c and start the sous vide cooking (TM6). For TM5, manually set 2h20m (extend after 99min) at 60c submerged completely in simmering basket speed 3.5
  5. Remove the cooked meat when cooking is done, slice/chop and plate on some sliced cucumber or lettuce
  6. Drizzle with mixture of fish sauce and sesame oil prior to serving

    Chicken Rice 


    • Jasmine rice (approx 50-80g per person)
    • Chicken Stock powder
    • 2 pieces of garlic cloves chopped
    • 3 pieces of shallots chopped
    • A 10cm piece of young ginger julienned
    1. Saute the garlic, ginger, shallots with chicken fat or lard or cooking oil for 3.5min/120c/speed 1
    2. Weigh and rinse the required rice 
    3. Add water until it just reaches the rice (auto mode requires double water weight to rice)
    4. Heap the saute garlic, shallots and ginger (+ chicken skin) on top of the rice
    5. Add a bunch of pandan leaves
    6. Add a heaping TBSP of Thermomix homemade chicken stock powder
    7. Use the Rice cooker mode (TM6) or auto rice cooking function (TM5) or cook using the simmering basket
    8. Cook 18min/100c/sp3.5 (Simmering basket method, auto mode will calculate and auto cook your rice)
    9. optional can add the done juices inside the sous vide bag into the rice mixture as it cooks.



    • Fresh chilli (3 long red, 1-2 chilli padi)
    • 20g young ginger
    • 30g Garlic cloves 
    • 50g vinegar/kombucha
    • Salt to taste
    • Sugar to taste
    • 50g Soy sauce 

    Blend everything 30sec / speed 8 (or until desired texture)


    Ginger dipping sauce

    • 40g young ginger
    • 10g shallots
    • 30g cooking oil
    • pinch of salt

    Blend everything for 20 sec / speed 8

    Then cook for 4min / 100c / speed 2


    Bit of time management to plan and cook in order to minimise washing, but it's totally worth it as your kitchen will not be crazy messed up.

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