Self Stirring Self Cooking Baby Food Thermomix Recipes

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To use the Thermomix to cook baby food while you free up your hands to do something else such as feeding baby, bathing baby, showering yourself, cooking for others etc.  

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Baby's Porridge / Congee


  • 120g Rice
  • 1 tsp fish stock or 2 pieces of scallop
  • 50g meat (cubed) I like to use fish, chicken breast
  • Few leafy greens (I usually use bak choy or any bland tasting veg to introduce greens slowly)  
  • 50g onion (cubed)
  • 70g potatoes or sweet potatoes or cauliflower* (cubed) 
  • 50g carrots or pumpkin (cubed)
  • 800g water or half-and-half with milk/breast milk
* Note cauliflower may cause some gas.

    Directions <Thermomix directions>

    1. Put all the ingredients into TM bowl to cook <MC, 20m, 100 degree, speed 2>
    2. Blend to get a smooth texture  <MC, 1min, speed 0-10>
    3. Serve when the temperature drops to 37 degree (at this point, I will add some breast milk or baby's milk to make the congee less thick)


    Nutritious Baby Carrot Pumpkin Soup


    • 20g carrot chopped
    • 80g pumpkin chopped
    • 200g water

    Directions <Thermomix Directions>

      1. Cook all the ingredients <MC, 10min, 100 degree, speed 1>
      2. Puree <MC, 20sec, speed 8>
      3. Serve when the temperature has fallen to 37 degree as indicated on the Thermomix


    Banana Smoothie


    • 300g baby's milk (could also be breast milk)
    • 180g riped banana (cut)
    • 20g Blueberries
    • 100g ice cubes (optional)

    Directions <Thermomix Directions>

    1. Blend all ingredients <MC, 30sec, speed 0-10>
    2. Serve immediately










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