Quick Thermomix Recipe How to cook char siu in 30 minutes

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This is one of my favourite meat dishes to prepare as it is relatively effortless and fast. Most people do not believe I can make char siu (cha shao 叉烧), also called char siew) in half an hour. But it is so possible. My family loves it and the first time I did it with the Thermomix, no one could tell it was homemade (feeling very smug...).

Try this recipe. The char siu goes super well with plain rice, or between steam buns.

Updated to include brining as the meat will be juicier.

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  • 2 TBSP soy sauce
  • 1 TBSP oyster sauce (I use Taiwan Kim Lan mushroom sauce)
  • 1TBSP kecap manis
  • 1 TBSP shaoxing
  • 2 TBSP brown sugar
  • 1 TBSP honey (I use unprocessed Italian acacia honey)
  • Minced garlic & shallot (5 each)
  • 1 TSP Bean Paste
  • 500g meat (recommend shoulder or belly)
  • Brine - 1/2 litre water + 25g sea salt

Directions <Thermomix directions>

  1. Trim the skin off first if you use fattier cuts like belly. Pork shoulder is a good cut
  2. Brine the meat overnight in the fridge
  3. Pat dry then pour all the marinate over the meat and leave in the fridge for at least few hours (tip: marinate while you get about with your work/errands)
  4. Place the meat and sauce into the thermomix
  5. Using the thermomix, set the timer to <20min, 120C, reverse, stir speed>
  6. Extend another <5min, Varoma, reverse, stir speed> for sauce reduction (if needed)
  7. Once the meat is done, pop it into the oven (5-10min) or into the air fryer (few min) to caramelise and crust up the char siu
  8. Serve with hot rice immediately



  • 2 汤匙生抽
  • 1 汤匙 蚝油
  • 1 汤匙 老抽 (马来kecap manis 酱)
  • 1 汤匙 绍兴
  • 2 汤匙 糖
  • 1 汤匙 蜂蜜
  • 剁碎 大蒜, 小葱各5瓣
  • 500g 五花肉


做法 <使用美善品的做法>

  1. 将肉和所有的腌制酱料混合, 腌至少2小时
  2. 把食材都放入主锅 <20分钟, 120度, 逆, >
  3. 再延长 <5分, Varoma温度, 逆> 稍微收干酱汁
  4. 如果想要叉烧表皮焦一点, 可将煮熟的肉放入180度的烘炉烤约5分种, 直到可以接受的焦度
  5. 趁热上菜


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  • Wanted to let you know I tried and it turned out really well. My family members liked it.

    Wilfred Chong on
  • really good

    pauline on

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