Mincing your own meat using the Thermomix

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Store bought mince is known to be made from scraps of meat that could be from any part of the carcass or a number of carcasses.  This means, we really have no idea if the mince contains organs (yucks).  Reports have also mentioned most mince contain fecal matter and bone bits. 

Thus, the best way to control your mince, is to make your own. It is literally a 5 minute effort to get quality mince with the meat cut of your choice in the mince texture required. You have full control over the flavour as well if you mince and cook immediately.

I use my Thermomix regularly to mince. Mince is an integral part of our diet.  
We eat mince meat in homemade nuggets, mince in mapo tofu, mince in dumplings, mince in bolognese pasta, mince in buns or paus, mince in stir-fry veggies (a hot favourite of mine is stir-fry long beans/french beans with minced meat 干煸四季豆) - a dish that can be ready in 5 minutes. I also use minced meat to whip up another family favourite - mapo tofu 麻婆豆腐.

How to mince

  • I usually put the meat I want to mince in the freezer for about 30 minutes to harden it first as I find this gives me a more consistent mince.  
  • Next, I cut the meat into cube size of about 1.5-2cm
  • I usually mince around 250+gm every time
  • Then, I will mince around speed 5 for 8-10 sec each time until I get the texture I want 
  • I prefer my mince to be more coarse for better bite and texture so I tend to avoid longer mixing time or higher blade speed
  • However, I have known some people to mince 1 sec each time on turbo until they get the consistency they like - personally, I find turbo yields mince that is too fine

Making your own minced meat using the Thermomix chefanddivine singapore

Thermomix minced meat for mapo tofu singapore






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  • I usually use twee bak as I prefer to have some fats in my mince for a more tender texture.
    If I am making bak bao, I would sometimes use belly meat 五花肉.
    For long bean and mince meat (Thermomix way of cooking), you can try to add around 30-50g of minced meat along with some soaked chopped dried shrimp and mushroom after you saute chopped garlic and shallots for about 3 minutes then add the long beans to cook at varoma for about 3min at reverse stir. Let me cook again and record the detailed recipe for sharing.

    DivineChef on
  • What cuts of meat do you use for mincing?
    Also what is the recipe for the long beans and mince dish, I like quick flavoursome meals.

    Cat on

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