How much preservatives are in store bought food ?

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Buying expensive, organic food alone does not ensure safe and nutritious food for our loved ones if they are not prepared in a manner that preserves maximum nutrition.

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Do you know how much preservatives are in store bought processed food?  These are the same food that we may be still feeding our loved ones daily.

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buy thermomix singapore safe healthy food chefanddidivine

Are you sure you want to feed your family these food?  Take control of the food you provide your loved ones by adopting Thermomix into your family.  Make cooking an enjoyable one with the entire family participating in joint decision on what to eat, what to cook together.  My Thermomix takes centrepiece at home. It even teaches my little one how to count, how to weigh ingredients, and he now knows the time because of his interactions with the Thermomix.

Are you ready for Thermomix? Some people have commented that it is an expensive appliance. I beg to differ. It costs less than the cost of a holiday for one person.  Definitely cost less than an expensive branded handbag that I can live without - for the sake of my family. With the new reduced price and instalment program, your family can literally own a Thermomix for only $3 a day. 

Health is priceless; we are what we eat. Memorable family bonding moments of cooking together will be priceless memories.  Our LOs form dietary habits from young. Starting them early with healthy food is better than trying to change bad eating habits later on.

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Do you agree ?

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