Easy Honey Chicken in 20 minutes Thermomix Recipe

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This is one of the easiest meat dish to whip up with the Thermomix when you are a time-starved mummy like me who needs to work and cook. When I am pressed for time, I get very stressed because it's the whole family waiting to be fed. During these times, I wonder why is my helper not taking more initiative and always need to be told and shown the ingredients for what to cook for each meal "Wati, masak nasi" "Wati, masak sup", "Wati masak sayur" ... If I forget to instruct before I leave the house, you can be sure, the kids will have nothing to eat because Wati needs to be told when and what to cook. Hiaz.... such as life. Mummy to the rescue.

Yesterday was one of those days. I reached home at 630pm, and there was no rice, no soup, no food cooked yet.  That got me into a frenzy. I opened the fridge and found chicken and made a quick decision to cook a soup, honey chicken and a veg dish quickly. Using the Thermomix to cook vegetable gives me the assured guarantee of edible greens under 10 minutes and the end result is usually better than wok fried greens because vegetables cooked with Thermomix will never turn yellow on me from over-cooking (as long as you cook within recommended time) and the veg always end up crunchy just the way I like. Anyway the honey chicken was completely devoured and even the sauce was not spared. 


Thermomix Recipe Honey chicken chefanddivine

Thermomix Stir fry veg chefanddivine

Anyway, ingredients for the Honey Chicken :-

  • 8 pieces of chicken wings
  • Seasoning for chicken wings
    • 20g light soy sauce
    • 10g dark soy sauce (tip: thick variety recommended)
    • 10g oyster sauce
    • 1 tsp salt
  • Sauteing mixture
    • 10g rock sugar
    • 20g shallots
    • 10g garlic
    • 10g oil
  • Pre-dish up stir mixture
    • 20g honey (I found the taste better when neutral tasting fluid consistency honey)
    • 20g chinese wine (optional and quantity depends on preference)

DirectionsThermomix directions>

    1. Marinate the chicken for at least 30min (tip: the longer the better)
    2. Chop/mince the sauteing ingredients with oil < turbo x 1 >
    3. Add the oil and saute the mixture until fragrant  < 4 min, varoma, sp 1 >
    4. Add the marinated chicken wings <14 min, varoma, reverse, sp 1 >
    5. Add in the honey and wine (optional) < 30 sec, varoma, reverse, sp 1 >
    6. I sprinkled some roasted crushed cashew nuts and garnished with thinly sliced red chilli
    7. Serve immediately


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