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Surprisingly, many people ask me this question. When we use the rice cooker to cook rice, the water is absorbed into the rice, that's why people with diabetes are often advised to cut down on rice as starch is sugar. The beauty of cooking rice with Thermomix is water is used to steam cook the rice and excess starchy water is left behind after the cooking process in the mixing bowl and this water can be discarded assuming you are not planning to make it a thick starchy soup (which can be an option if you do not mind the starch). Hopefully, this post address the many questions related to cooking rice in the Thermomix.

Thermomix Singapore How to Cook Rice with Thermomix Chefanddivine  Thermomix Singapore chicken rice recipe How to cook Chicken rice with Thermomix Chefanddivine

For smaller quantity of rice, use the simmering basket. For larger quantity of rice, you can cook straight in the mixing bowl. 

1-3 person portions

Quantity of rice (per person)

  • 50g (small eater)
  • 70g (regular portion)

Cooking time (depends on the type of rice)

  • 18min (white rice)
  • 25-30min (brown, red, mixed rice)
  • 25-30min (glutinous rice, needs to pre-soaked)

Note: glutinous rice should be soak at least overnight prior to cooking

Tip: Weigh the rice in the simmering basket inserted into the mixing bowl

Tip 2: Rinse the rice inside the simmering basket with running tap water

Tip 3: For starchier rice like calrose, rinse until the water runs clear to wash away excess starch

How to cook

  • Water is around 900g to 1kg, cook 18-35min (depending on rice type), speed 3.5/4, 100° C or 3.5, varoma, 15-30min  if you are stack cooking another dish on top
  • pour water into the mixing bowl until the water is level with the rice inside the simmering basket (no more than 1mm above the rice) an easier gauge in my opinion and cook similarly 18-35min (depending on rice type) at speed 3.5-4, 100° C or 3.5, varoma, 15-30min  if you are stack cooking another dish on top


Large family portion

It will be useful to have the Thermoserver as it can store the rice while you use your Thermomix to cook other dishes.

Quantity of rice (4-6 person portion)

  • 250g rice 
  • 480g of boiling water
  • pinch of salt

How to cook 

  • Weigh the rice
  • Place rinsed rice straight into mixing bowl
  • Add boiling water
  • Cook 5min, Varoma, speed 1
  • (White rice) Once done, set aside in the Thermoserver for 25min before serving
  • (Brown rice) Add 5min more cooking time and 10min more standing time prior to serving

Tip : You may add some sesame oil to soften brown, red, mixed rice. The sesame oil adds a wonderful aroma to the rice too

Tip 2 : To make fragrant rice like Malay coconut rice (aka Nasi Lemak), add crush shallots, coconut milk and a bunch of pandan leaves) 

Tip 3 : To make coloured rice,

  • yellow rice : add tumeric powder + coconut milk (this is also called Nasi Kuning)
  • green rice :  add fresh pandan juice + coconut milk 
  • olive rice : add chopped olive

Tip 4 : To make "non-fried" fried rice (best for brown rice and basmati rice),

  • Stir in fried rice ingredients after the rice is done (including standing time in the mixing bowl or Thermoserver)


Click here for the Full Malay Coconut Fragrant Rice recipe and here for the Sous Vide Chicken rice recipe.


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