Easy Kids Meals Recipe : Cute Bento

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Now, if you are a parent like me, you probably understand it is a BIG challenge to get kids to eat good food and have a balanced diet. One solution is to make their meals more "kawaii" or cute. Nothing is more effective than visually appealing (needs to be age appropriate) food with cartoons and patterns.  This requires effort but whenever I have the time, I will try to make cute bentos to get the kids to eat vegies and meat in one meal. It may seem like a no brainer but it is really tough to get kids (at least mine) to eat both meat and vegs in each meal, because the veg or meat served may not be what the kid(s) like(s)? ?  .

chef and divine easy kids meal recipe  Chef and Divine Easy Kids Recipe

Ingredients : 2 Bento sets

  • Short grain rice
  • Mirin (optional)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Sesame Oil
  • Fish sauce
  • Spinach (about 1 bunch) and any type of greens, I like to see baby bay choys too or alternate with coleshaws
  • Nori rice mix (for alternate rice balls but really optional as some parents may be concerned about the sodium in the nori rice mix) helps if you have cute rice ball molds 
  • 150g Meat slices (seasoned with squirt of fish sauce and ginger juice)
  • Finely chopped garlic, shallot and 1tsp ginger juice
  • 2 eggs 


  1. Cook short grain rice in your rice cooker
  2. While cooking the rice, saute garlic and shallot
  3. Add the meat slices (once cooked, set aside)
  4. Blanch the spinach and season with sesame oil and fish sauce
  5. Beat the eggs, drizzle a touch of mirin and fish sauce
  6. Fry the fluffed eggs in a frying pan, avoid overcooking by removing the omelette once they are cooked
  7. Add some mirin into your cooked rice
  8. Shape cooked rice into shapes (helps if you have cute rice molds like mine in pictures above) 
  9. Optional : For variation, you may want to have plain and flavoured (using nori rice mix) for your rice shapes
  10. Plate the spinach, egg, meat and rice shapes into your bento box

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