10 Reasons Why I love my Honda Vezel Hybrid (a driver's perspective)

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10 Reasons Why I love my Honda Vezel Hybrid (a driver's perspective)
April 2, 2016 | The Divine Chef sharing her thoughts as a Honda Vezel Hybrid driver

I have driven many different car brands and makes over years since I obtained my driver’s license. Over time, I kind of left Japanese cars behind and started driving seemingly more “premium and exclusive” continental cars.  Having being persuaded to switch back to drive a Japanese car, and a hybrid, by the good guys at Motorland, I realized I really missed driving Japanese cars.  Here’s a list of why I'm loving my Honda Vezel Hybrid :-


(1) Fuel Efficiency

I was initially skeptical about hybrids and had numerous incorrect concerns about batteries, charging, engine power etc. Having driven the Honda Vezel Hybrid for several months now, I am completely in love with the fact that in addition to doing my bit to save the Earth by driving a "greener" car, I only need to pump full tank once every 2 weeks as the car is very fuel-efficient and my petrol is lasting twice as long. The Vezel Hybrid switches from conventional engine running petrol to one that runs on battery depending on how I drive. My in-car multimedia unit allows me to check the efficiency of each drive easily. I understand not all Vezels in the market support this factory original feature as different parallel importers (also called PI) may install different (non-factory) multimedia systems (the industry term is "head units").


Honda Vezel Hybrid Motorland SG

Honda Vezel Hybrid Motorland SG


(2) More Features & Gadgets

Even some of the expensive higher-end continental cars do not come completely digital with touch controls. The Honda Vezel Hybrid is very daringly designed because almost all controls on the dashboard are touch only. I connect my iPhone to use Google Maps when needed. If my kids are in the car, I connect to Youtube to keep them occupied. The hands-free buttons on the wheel are very handy. I switch source, control volumes, pick calls and even uses Siri to help me check location, do wikipedia searches, check the weather if its going to rain 😊 and make calls! Only Motorland fitted factory original multimedia system for Vezel Hybrid supports these and they come in English! Yes. English. I'm not kidding. Not having English support is painful, I have seen friends who had to endure Japanese language in their in-car systems.

Vezel phone dialer Motorland SG

Honda Vezel Hybrid Motorland SG

Watch youtube movies in Honda Vezel

Continental brands can be too simplistic with interior designs. I drove a brand that had no storage otherthan a tiny dashboard compartment on the passenger side (where do I put my hand creams?). Another European brand's SUV has no cup holders inside the car!  Isn't that annoying?  Especially for people like me who loves to "tabao" my daily cuppa to the office, the Vezel is definitely more thoughtfully designed.  My Vezel has numerous cup holders, you can even adjust the height of the cup holder to accommodate taller tumblers.   

I was also pleasantly surprised to find my Vezel fitted out with HDMI and 2 USB ports as I read in many forums that most Vezels are not equipped with HDMI and dual USB connectivity module and owners ended up having to source for these.

As I wanted my Vezel Hybrid to be fully loaded, the Motorland folks gave me the premium package which had all the bells and whistles.  I understand there is a limited period/limited sets offer now for these premium features to be bundled without paying extra.


(3) Anti-Collision Brake Assist

This is a life-saving feature if you are a slow reacting driver like me. Honda’s City Brake Assist is specifically designed to help avoid or mitigate low speed accidents. Few weeks ago, a taxi suddenly slowed and turned in front of me without warning, fortunately, the car braked on my behalf and helped me avoid a potential accident.

Vezel City Brake Active System


(4) Parking Assist with Night vision

I truly dig the reverse parking assist. I used to dread parallel parking but with the parking assist, the space gauge is very clear even at night. Parking is now a breeze. I can even park into tight spots. Yeah !

VEZEL Reverse Sensor Parking Assist

(5) Very Quiet Engine

The Vezel Hybrid is unbelievably quiet when stationary. You will almost forget the engine is on. The few times when I yakked with neighbours at the carpark with the engine still on, I received envious compliments on the silentness of the car.


(6) Super Strong Air Con

Continental cars just do not have strong air conditioning.  Singapore’s super hot and humid weather requires super strong AC.  Endless fixing of air con compressor especially with continental cars is not funny if you end up sending your car to workshop repeatedly.


(7) High 80% Loan and Low Interest Rate

As Motorland is a one-stop-shop, they can also arrange auto loans up to 80% and insurance for its customers.  Woah paying only 20% downpayment is nice ! Imagine freeing up cash for other more important stuff.


(8) Huge boot space and loads of add-on accessories

The boot is spacious enough to comfortably fit an over-flowing load of groceries from my supermarket trolley. Fitting in my large dog is not an issue too. He still has room to move himself!  Japanese cars like the Honda Vezel also tend to have many accessory options that may be installed as optional add-ons.


(9) "Privileged" parking lots

Haha. I've just added this because having carpark lots dedicated to my hybrid car makes me feel like a VIP.  Shopping malls like IMM, Westgate, Bugis Junction, POMO and City Square have implemented this. Won't you feel a tad special if everyone's waiting for parking lots and you can just drive into an empty "reserved" parking lot?



(10) "Magic" Doors

Let's not deny the fact that the Honda Vezel Hybrid is aesthetically well designed with curves in the right places. My LO calls it the car with "magic" doors.  The hidden rear door handles do make the car look more sporty and more futuristic than other SUVs.


Thus, I conclude my Vezel Hybrid is a good buy and ergonomically designed for easy handling. In my humble opinion, the wheel is light, and the size is just right for snazzy zips around town.

Quote this article for free installation of Vezel Hybrid scuff plates when you book your Hybrid with MOTORLand. 


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  • Yes. They are still offering the promotion and I hear they have red, blue and purple black in stock.

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  • Do you know if they still offer the same promotion ?

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  • Your FB post on the hybrid led me here, I’ve been trying to find out what are the advantages of hybrids as so little is known and not enough people are driving it to share their experience. By the way, I will be cooking your chilli sauce tonight again. I usually add more sugar as I like my chilli a bit sweeter

    CAT on
  • Thanks for sharing. I have been researching for a family car to fetch my kids and your article is very easy for women who are not car experts to read through without technical jargons. Who do I contact at this dealer Motorland?

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