How to cook Singapore Laksa from scratch

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Have been lying low lately as I fell sick after Hong Kong and China trip recently.  Fortunately, I had Peppermint & R.C. essential oil with me which helped soothed sinus congestions and eased my headaches.  I probably fell sick because of the stress of bringing kids to holiday all by myself! Daddy had last minute business emergencies and I was forced to continue with the holiday plans alone until he joined us later. Overall, I'd say we did well - considering we used public transport most of the trip and lugged our own luggages.

Feeling a whole lot better today, I decided to make laksa from scratch for dinner. Feeling quite good that I managed to make the laksa paste, laksa broth and sambal chilli all from scratch under an hour.  Okay, I cheated with the broth since I have homemade chicken stock in my larder, this cut short my preparation and cooking time significantly.  This recipe has about 8 servings since we have a large family. Do adjust the quantities of the ingredients accordingly.

Cooking laksa from scratch easily 

Laksa Paste Ingredients

  • 40g garlic
  • 400g onion and shallot
  • 20 pcs of dried chillies (soaked and softened)
  • 10g galangal
  • 10g tumeric
  • 4 lemon grass stalks (white portion)
  • 20g raw sugar
  • 2 pieces of kaffir lime leaves without stem
  • 2-3 pcs of tangerine peel
  • 100g dried shrimp
  • 150g roasted cashew nuts
  • 80g oil
  • 400g coconut milk 

Broth Ingredients

Laksa sauce recipe - make from scratch    Homemade sambal chilli homemade chicken broth paste

Garnishing Ingredients

  • Tau pok/bean curd puffs about 10 pcs cut into smaller pieces)
  • 3 pieces of long fish cakes cut into thin slices (cooked)
  • 200g bean sprouts (cooked) 
  • 2 pieces of long red chilli sliced
  • 20 pieces of small shrimps or 8 prawns
  • 1 piece of red/green chilli deseeded and sliced into strips
  • Laksa leaves

Laksa Broth Directions <Thermomix directions>

  • Place all paste ingredients (except oil and coconut milk) into your blender - pulverise and grind until smooth <10sec / Speed 10, repeating several times until smooth>
  • Add oil to saute the paste <5 min / varoma / speed 2>
  • Add the broth and mix in the coconut milk, salt, sugar, tangerine peels, tau pok and cook for 20 min <max. 2.4 litres, 20 min / 100 degree / Speed 1.5, pour out content into a larger pot and add to simmer the rest of the broth>
  • If you have a Thermomix, this is the time to use the varoma trays to stack on top of the mixing bowl lid to steam the fish cake slices, bean sprouts and shrimps/prawns with the broth cooking in varoma or scald them in the broth before mixing with the laksa paste 
  • Scald and drain the laksa thick vermicelli or any fresh noodles of your choice
  • Pour the laksa broth over the vermicelli or noodles
  • Garnish the laksa with the fish cakes, bean sprouts, tau pok, chilli slices, shrimp and sambal chilli 

Homemade Laksa Paste from scratchSambal chilli for Laksa

Sambal Chilli Ingredients

  • 200g dried shrimps
  • 100g garlic
  • 40g belachan
  • 200g red chillies
  • 100g dried chillies
  • 200g shallots
  • 6 stalks of lemon grass (white portion)
  • 150g oil

Directions <Thermomix directions>

  • Grind all the ingredients except the oil <10 sec / speed 6>
  • Repeat the grinding to get a finer and smoother mixture 
  • Drizzle oil to saute until fragrant for about 20 minutes <20 min / V / speed 2>


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  • Will try your recipe. I do not have a thermomix though. But looks like the thermomix is good for making street hawker fares.

    Brenda on
  • I tried your recipe with my TM5 and everyone asked for second helping. Was very successful ??

    Melvin on

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