30 minute Recipe for Salad with Truffle Pumpkin Sauce

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I have been trying to increase my daily servings of fruits and vegetables lately by preparing and packing my own lunch to work. The trusty Thermomix has proven its usefulness again by making it so easy for me to prepare the more nutritious but hardier vegetables like asparagus, broccoli, potatoes, pumpkin, yam by steaming. Steaming is actually a great way of cooking vegetables as more nutrients, colour and flavour in cooked food are retained. With a maximum temperature of 120 degrees, say goodbye to overheating and charred food. This salad was prepared very quickly as I steamed the veg and whole egg together in the varoma trays and I did a quick saute of my shrimps with just a pinch of salt and pepper so that they is more flavour in the salad.

I also posted this recipe for Verace as we used their Truffled Cream of Pumpkin sauce to make a quick wholesome salad in minutes.

Thermomix Salad in minutes recipe

Ingredients (serves 2)

Directions <Thermomix cooking directions>

  1. Steam the diced pumpkin and cut asparagus together with the whole egg <if using a thermomix, all these can be steamed together, 6-8min for greens, 12-14min for whole egg (longer for larger egg) – you can add the greens mid way, at Varoma temperature and speed 3). Once done, set aside to cool. (or these can be done before hand to save time>
  2. You can use the same thermomix mixing bowl <5min, varoma, reverse, speed 1> to saute the shrimps or use a frying pan for about with some olive oil, salt and pepper for taste.
  3. Place all the ingredients in a salad mixing bowl
  4. Add the Verace Truffled Cream of Pumpkin sauce
  5. Optional – You may scoop a little Verace Minced Black Truffle and have them distributed all over the salad
  6. Optional – For extra sweetness, you may drizzle a tiny bit of Verace White Truffle Honey over some roasted nuts like almond or cashewnut for additional protein
  7. Serve immediately



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