Relieving Gastric Discomfort with Manuka Honey

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Since last Friday, I have been feeling queasy and nauseated from the acid reflux that keeps rising every so often.  It was next to impossible to eat or drink anything with the burning sensation that kept rising up the chest.  My weekend was pretty much ruined as I was lying down most of the time since upright positions were making me sick with the intermittent kneading pain.

By Sunday, it was pretty obvious this was going to be the worst attack of heart burn ever and all the antacids and omeprazole were not really helping. Then, I remembered Manuka Honey's therapeutic support for gastric/stomach problems. UMF 15+ and above active Manuka Honey are particularly good for ulcers and other therapeutic health benefits.  I started drinking and eating the honey using non metal spoons (you do not want to destroy the therapeutic enzymes in the honey) and felt the pain easing off quite rapidly. By lunch, I was able to eat almost a full meal again after so many days.


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