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Since starting to become an evangelist of the Thermomix, I have been sharing my love for the appliance through demonstrating its wonderful capabilities. As I post invitations to attend our demos, I often get asked what the dishes that will be demonstrated.

The standard demos (time required) are :

  1. Lemonade (5sec)
  2. Chinese steamed buns (also called Man tou) (3.5min prep) + (10min steaming)
  3. Chinese style stir-fry greens (5min)
  4. Western style pumpkin soup (22min) 

Why these dishes, some may ask.

Well, to make the lemonade, we need to use the in-built weighing scale to measure the required amount of rock sugar to be pulverised into powdery fine icing sugar - and this shows off the power of the appliance. The speed of the blades at 10,200 RPM ensures even seeds can be grounded into fine powder.  As there is no friction and no gears in the design of the Thermomix, there is no heat generated and that's why we get powder fine icing sugar instead of sugar paste. When there is no heat generated in the blending process, we can be sure the nutrients of the food blended will not be compromised.

Next, the Chinese steamed buns or Man Tou shows off the built-in temperature control feature, dough mixing and kneading abilities of the Thermomix. 

Many people are surprised to see that we can peel garlic skin while chopping them in the Thermomix.  For most people who cook, not having garlicky fingers is a nice bonus. The build-in temperature controls and timer ensures that food is never overcooked, nutrition is not compromised and we get the most out of the extra virgin oils and organic food we invest in.  We saute greens with extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes.

Next the pumpkin soup is also a 2-in-1 demo that shows how the smart appliance can cook 2 dishes at the same time. While cooking the pumpkin (I like to mix in some carrot for additional sweetness) in water, we will steam the man tou that would have proved nicely by now on the steaming tray, also called the Varoma.  The done soup will be blended so smooth that straining is not required.  For many, the highlight of the demo dishes is dipping the hot man tou into the piping hot delicious soup.  I like to add some toasted cashew and a bit of paprika into the soup.

From these basic 4 dishes, I have done variations of soups - such as tomato, mushroom soups, also steamed meat buns, steamed glutinous rice, sorbets, kong bah stew etc

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