Do you know Truffles are good for you and have loads of health benefits ?

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Do you know besides being famous for its exquisite beguiling aroma, truffles are also very powerful antioxidant and anti-aging super food?


Recent researches by the medical and pharmaceutical industries indicate that wild truffles have many therapeutic benefits such as anti-cancer properties, support to cardiovascular and immune systems, reducing high cholesterol, anti-aging, improvements to sexual health, and easing sleep disorders, rheumatic pains and food intolerance.

It’s no wonder Italian grandmothers and grandfathers in their 90s are still picking truffles in the mountains.

This Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days, pamper our parents with truffles for good health. If they need to go on “bland food” diet due to health reasons, truffles will make a great gift as a natural food flavouring ingredient that can be eaten straight from the jar without cooking and a little goes a long way to flavour up otherwise bland food.

Be sure to check the labels and purchase truffle products produced without the artificial flavouring agent, 2,4 dithiapentane, also commonly known as ‘truffle aroma’, ‘truffle essence’, ‘truffle perfume’. One telltale sign that the product may not contain natural truffles is to look for the alternative consumer names of 2,4 dithiapentane in the food labels and if it contains only a low single digit percentage of actual truffle. Verace green label truffle products are 100% truffles preserved in extra virgin olive oil, in a 70:30 composition made without the use of any 2,4 dithiapentane.


Some suggested ways for mom and dad to consume truffles as a health supplement:

(1) Black tea with Verace White Truffle honey

- Serve with black tea such as Ceylon, Assam, Pu’er, Earl Grey, and Darjeeling

Directions: stir in Verace white truffle honey into warm black tea

 Black Tea with Verace White Truffle Honey

Benefits: when both black tea and truffles are combined, researches2 observed an effect of lowering cholesterol, high blood pressure, and reduce risks of cancer, Parkinson disease, kidney stones, heart attacks and helps improve alertness and reduce hypertension and dizziness


(2) Congee with Verace minced truffle

- Serve with seaweed, fish slices, meatball and Verace minced black truffle

Directions: stir in Verace minced truffle to congee right before serving

Congee with Verace Minced Truffle 

Benefits: Truffles have anticancer action in inhibiting cancer cell growth, support to immune system and increasing energy level. Seaweed, meat, and truffles are rich in protein, essential for adults after 30s, as researches suggest that protein intake reduces the risk of stroke3


(3) Burdock soup with Verace sliced truffle / Verace minced truffle

- Serve with sweet corn, carrot, burdock, candied dates, and meat. Truffle may also be added into cordysep and meat soup

Directions: stir in Verace minced truffle/sliced truffle to soup right before serving

 Burdock Soup with Verace Truffle

Benefits: Truffles supports the immune system and is an anti-cancer power food. Together with burdock, another anti-cancer food, the soup is a tonic that clears heatiness, relieves rheumatic pains, lower blood pressure and blood fats to improve overall immunity against diseases.


(4) Black tea with truffles and burdock

Directions: Boil burdock slices. Use the burdock soup to steep black tea. Before serving add slices of Verace truffle or a spoon of minced truffle.

Benefits: As above. Strengthens the immune system for resistance against cancers and autoimmune disorders.



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