How to check for artificial truffle flavouring

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It seems like there is more awareness now that most of the so-called "truffle" oil do not contain any truffle. The more I talk to people, the more I see nods and some even whispers back "is it true truffle oils are all fake ?".

Sadly, for all truffle fries fans out there - its true - that most truffle oil actually are artificially flavoured with this petrochemical called 2,4 dithiapentane.  When I googled further, I found articles explaining the origins of petrochemical as a derivative of formaldehyde. While we girls have been actively avoiding formaldehyde in hair products that purportedly reduces frizz, many of us have been unwittingly eating it.  Horrified ? While some of us religiously try to rid our body of gunk, new ones keep sneaking into our lives.  Detox is another topic for deep discussion.

How to tell you own or have been served flavoured truffle ?  Easy. Read the label. If you see "aroma", "flavour", "essence", "perfume" on the ingredient list, chances are, that bottle or jar of "truffle" whatever is artificial.

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Telltale signs are : (1) very low percentage of actual truffle; and/or (2) the layman words of "perfume", "aroma", "essence", "flavour" for the 2,4 dithiapentane petrochemical commonly used in the industry to mimic the truffle fragrance in food.

We do not have enough knowledge how our bodies purge petroleum out of our systems, but our livers and kidneys do deserve to be treated well since they need to last a lifetime....

To check out genuine truffle products that do not use any artificial flavouring, please click this link.


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  • Go for the real stuff babe

    Bellabellz on
  • Thanks for this article. I have a love-hate relationship with truffles – as I love the smell but have been scared that I have been indulging in something sinful. Looks like it is really bad and I am glad to finally clear my doubts. Will try the real thing but it is so so expensive !!!

    Agnes on

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