Food and recipes preventing or helping prostate problems

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Dad, who's 77 this year, recently complained he kept having the urge to go toilet but had problem peeing.  He brushed it off as an old age problem initially but few days on, he was rushed to the hospital when he complained of acute abdominal pain.  Turned out he was in pain because his pee was trapped in his bladder due to the enlarged prostate pressing on the urethra, preventing urine from easily flowing out and completely emptying from the bladder. 

That spurred me to research the food and diet that can help him to recover.  Apparently food that can help prevent or alleviate enlarged prostate problems are :

    • zinc rich food (such as sesame seeds, oysters, pumpkin seeds, azuki beans, almond etc),
    • food rich in omega 3 fatty acids (salmon, walnut, flax seeds, kidney beans, canola oil etc)
    • soybean isoflavones (soy products such as soy milk, soy beans, tempeh, soy meat substitutes)
    • food containing vitamin C (bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, kale)
    • lycopene containing food (tomatoes, tomato products, watermelon, apricot, pink grapefruit, papaya)
    • food that has beta-sitosterol (avocado, wheat germ, pecan, pumpkin seeds)
    • green leafy and cruciferous vegetables high in antioxidants 

I have been trying to squeeze time to cook at least 1 or 2 meals for dad as I know he is too lazy to cook most of the time and tabao from the kopitiams downstairs.  

So far, I have tried a few different dishes, dad being somewhat traditional, still prefer Chinese style food to western thick soup.  However, he does like my pumpkin soup with man tou (from the Thermomix demo menu) a lot.

Since I have been writing about the health benefits of truffle, I have also included truffle in non traditional food such as congee (yes - dad needs to go on bland food diet), soups, teas..

  • Monday
    • fresh mushroom + minced truffle soup (D)
  • Tuesday
    • pumpkin/carrot soup + man tou (chinese style steamed buns) (L)
    • stir rice with minced meat and spinach (D)
  • Wednesday
    • congee with seaweed, minced meat, fish slices + minced truffle (L)
    • freshly baked toast bread with homemade peanut butter (Tea break)
    • burdock and truffle soup with sweet corn and carrots (D)
  • Thursday
    • congee in chicken stock (homemade) and minced chicken + diced red capsicum & carrot + bak choy (L)  
    • mee sua in chicken stock (homemade) and tofu cubes + taupok + shredded veggies + pork balls (D)


 ...tried my best to make bland food still appetising....

Just heard the wonderful news that sis is expecting... next, what should I cook for her ?


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