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We envision this store to be a great stop for tips & resources for all things to do with food, cooking and looking good.  The awareness that the wrong food make the body very sick started in 2004 when my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, while having no visible symptoms. She was not a smoker yet it all started in her lungs. Was it her dietary habits of eating additive laden food ? Maybe. Was it her hormone replacement therapy that went awry ? Don't know.

But anyhow, the body is our only temple and if we do not worship it with goodness, it is not going to last nor age gracefully. The body and mind goes together. If the body is unwell, the mind does not stay happy. 

I guess its all about balance. I try to de-stress with a run because running also helps clear my thoughts. Yoga cool-downs always put me to sleep and that very night I will always welcome fitful sleep. I've even discovered that ironing (yes most people dread ironing clothes) can be a very therapeutic domestic activity. The focus on ironing out the folds is strangely calming. 



Recently, I discovered I can actually bake. You see, throughout the years, I have destroyed many bakes that didn't rise or ended up rock hard. The Thermomix bought last year has been a favourite gadget for a while as I keep discovering new recipes to try.  It does help that the devotee community is huge with fans spanning across continents and big name chefs endorsing it. I bake every night, usually a different bread daily, so we can have fresh bread in the morning for breakfast. I started with simple toast bread, then I mixed and match different flour, and recently attempted more difficult bread like baguette, milk bread and even pretzels !  The great things about the Thermomix is the temperature control that ensures my dough always proof. 


Young Living

I've always found scents can be mood lifting and soothing.  I did not know the difference until I started researching after a friend shared with me about Young Living essential oils. Being the skeptic, I researched extensively as the catalog was huge and I had no idea where to start. Now, most people shop oil that smells nice but do not know that oils have different grades and using wrong ones may be harmful. 

We advocate Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils. The difference between Young Living oils and over-the-counter essential oils that claim to be ‘pure’ is more than an indication of purity. Young Living produces oils that have an unusually high concentration of therapeutic components because they own their own organic farms with virgin soil, distill and seal their own bottles.  This is Young Living's 'Seed to Seal' process to ensure that the oils produced are the purest, most potent essential oils.  Over-the-counter oils, smell nice but often times are contain pesticides, fertilizers, synthetics, extenders, or carrier oils. Perfume grade oils usually contain the same type of adulterating chemicals and often contain solvents which are used to gain a higher yield of oil per harvest. Solvents are not healthy. Still, these oils are sometimes used in aromatherapy or for making perfume products. Floral Water is a byproduct of the distillation process. It can be very high quality if superior, organic material is used and it comes from a “Grade A” distillation process. However if it is from compromised raw materials and/or a poor distillation process, it will be a very low quality. Floral Water is often used for more expensive oils, such as Rose Oil, since it takes 5000 pounds of roses to make just 0.5kg of essential oil.  There are singles and blended oils - oils work differently on everyone. I became a convert when my migraine was alleviated by just Lavender and Peppermint oil. Then, my baby no longer came knocking the door like clockwork at 3am with Stress-Away rubbed on the back of this neck. I have been using oils daily as our household natural remedy for almost anything and fervently sharing whatever I know with my customers especially those with young children like me.

This is becoming a super long read. Next time, I will talk about the other brands we represent - like Verace, which is a all natural food brand, Yvette's bags which are made by female ex-convicts and Honpai which is a New Zealand farm that produces UMF rated Manuka Honey.  Till then, let's relax and chill.

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